Arabic Music Academy



The Arabic Music Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to spread the musical culture of Arab countries  in all its dialects and different ethnic languages (Mashreq and Maghreb)


Building a culture, and thus civilization, requires education and production, where the accumulation of knowledge sets up the first pillar in cognition and culture; as the output of knowledge establishes and documents the human thought.


Based on this belief, our vision manifests through two goals:


Music Academy

The Arabic Music Academy in Belgium will provide its students with the opportunity to learn Arabic music through structured weekly classes in different musical majors  (singing-Oud-Nay-Darbuka -Riq,) taught by seasoned teachers.

The Academy is also working on establishing a choir.


Music Lab for Reproduction and Documentation


  • Works on reproducing the oral musical heritage to classify and conserve them in high definition audio quality to sustain these works, to make them an available reference to everyone.


  • Encourage discussions and debates through holding seminars and publishing articles on Arabic music.


  • Organize  regular listening  sessions with a focus on different Arabic  music genres (modern and heritage)