Riq is a type of tambourine used as a traditional instrument in Arabic music. It is an important instrument in both folk and classical music throughout the Arabic-speaking world. It traditionally has a wooden frame (although in the modern era it may also be made of metal), jingles, and a thin, translucent head made of fish or goatskin (or, more recently, a synthetic material).

Darbuka is an egyptian percussion instruments build as cylinder from ceramic, the top shape bigger than the base,  installed on the top of the body a   fish skin  , the modern models build from metal and synthetic skin

Every Wednesday  

From 16:00

The course will be available for all levels

( beginners, intermediate, advanced )

The course will focus on :

- Introduce the instruments 

- Sitting in a healthy way

- Producing the sounds ( Dom , Tak, Sak ...)

- Warm-up

- Hand coordination 

- Technique exercise 

- Learn groove and rhythms 

- Learn the accompaniments