Firas Hassan

Music educator, Producer, percussionist 

At the age of 21, Firas moved to Lebanon to pursue his musical

education and enrolled directly in the Lebanese Conservatory to

graduate later in 2006.

Right after that, he started to teach Arabic percussion at the higher

music institute of music in Damascus. In 2012 Firas received a

scholarship from Berklee College of Music to study master degree

in Contemporary Studio Performance in the Valencia Campus

where he was awarded  a postmaster’s scholarship for the

Development of a curriculum for Arabic percussion instruments.

Firas has 11 years of experience in Higher education of music

between Syria, Spain, and Germany.

Firas has broad experience running workshops and seminars

about Arabic percussion all around the world. As a performer, he has

performed with many bands of different styles such as classical

music, Classical Arabic music, Jazz, Fusion, Latin, and Flamenco.

Besides he has worked as a studio musician recorded taking part in

many albums.

2016 Firas earned an award from The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture -

AFAC to Produce his first album.