Oud means "from wood" and "stick" in Arabic. Multiple theories have been proposed for the origin of the Arabic name. A music scholar by the name of Eckhard Neubauer suggested that oud may be an Arabic borrowing from the Persian word rōd or rūd, which meant string. Another researcher, archaeomusicologist Richard J. Dumbrill, suggests that rud came from the Sanskrit rudrī (meaning "string instrument") and transferred to Arabic (a Semitic language) through a Semitic language. However, another theory according to Semitic language scholars, is that the Arabic ʿoud is derived from Syriac ʿoud-a, meaning "wooden stick" and "burning wood"—cognate to Biblical Hebrew ’ūḏ, referring to a stick used to stir logs in a fire

Every Saturday 

From 11:00

The course will be available for all levels

( beginners, intermediate, advanced )

The course will focus on :

- Introduce the instruments 

- Sitting in a healthy way

- Tuning 

- Hand coordination (using the Risha,  train the fingers of left hands )

- Warm-up

- Scales and basic technique  

- Learn musical  pieces  from Arabic repertoire